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J.B Rose The Journey So Far...

The music industry has changed beyond recognition and South London born JB Rose is once again navigating her way around this 'new look’ music scene. "The music industry is like a giant monster with many, many arms attached to it. As soon as I think I’ve got my head around what's going on, some new thing happen" cites JB.

Not only a singer songwriter but also a playwright, JB owns and runs a successful theatre company called Tell Tarra. With a publishing deal under her belt with Brixton based Westbury Music, JB comments "In the past before this New Age music industry, my publishing deal enabled me to collaborate with great producers and artists including drum and bass and dance pioneers such as Swayzak, Daz IQue and Kaidi Tatum along with the extremely talented 4 Hero team of Marc Mac and Dego." JB, Marc and Dego formed an entity called Maximum Style, signed to Sony Records and releasing an album which received underground success in the US, Europe and Japan for its jazzy drum and base style rhythms accompanied with JB’s sweet soulful vocal. "It was really good working with Sony on the album and releasing the tracks ‘Admit To Love’, ‘Wake Up’ and ‘It’s Not A Waste’, but I never thought that we would end up in a world where you can interact and sell directly to fans and really get to know your audiences in a way that wasn’t really possible back then. It’s really exciting to think that I can write and release product quite easily direct to my fan-base".

Other highlights of JB's singing career includes being the warm-up act for Chaka Khan at the Hammersmith Apollo, singing on Black Entertainment TV in America, and performing on Top of the Pops backing Coolio’s ‘Gangsters Paradise’.

JB is currently writing and recording a batch of new songs as well as pulling from some older gems that she has stashed away. "I have written a lot of material with some really talented people that has not yet been released so I will be mixing some of my older titles with the new and can't wait to get everything out there". In JB's down time she runs the 'Chafford’s Voice' choir, which she started in her newly adopted home-town in Essex. That being said she is always keen to let everyone know that she is a South Londoner through and through.

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